"Much like a catepillar’s metamorphosis into a butterfly, this natural element left behind by natures wrath reveals something quite mesmerizing."

SOH embodies innovative and conceptual silhouettes, "sophisticated with an edge", inspired by a harmonious balance with nature and it's surroundings. We strive to create a functional wardrobe of one of a kind sweaters and knitwear that can be worn a myriad of ways, and occasions worthy of care that can be handed down for generations. Through the use of natural materials of the highest quality, as natural quality material is significantly more durable and feels better against our skin, and gets softer with each wear, such as Cashmere, Linen, Baby Alpaca, Cotton, and Silk fed from mulberry leaves. Embedded within our design SOH focus on details and quality craftsmanship through the use of tradition, and modern technology to create truly beautiful timeless pieces for the discerning customer.